The Story About UA(Unauthorized Authentic) Sneakers

We were working for Nike and Adidas From the 1980s to the 2000s

From the 1980s, China has began its Opening Policy. Thousands of International companies, including some giants like Nike and Adidas started to come in to China for millions of cheap labor to lower their cost of products. Nike and Adidas built lots of factories in Fujian, a coastal province where is luckily on The First List of Opening Policy. During that time, millions of shoes were made there and sale to the countries all over the world.

But After the 2000s, Factories of Nike, Adidas and other international Brand began to move out of there due to the growing cost of labors source and there are cheaper labors in South Asia like Vietnam. The factories of Nike and Adidas Left. But those skilled workers who were working in the factories for nearly 20 years still there. But they found they were unemployed now. Their jobs just flowed away with the leaving of Nike and Adidas.

That’s when we start to make shoes by ourselves.

Some workers left there and went to others cities, some just stayed. Gradually they realized why not to do what they are good at. So they started to produce shoes by their own.

But at the beginning, things were not easy, they are lack of professional machines. So they only can produce cheap shoes. But they still made big success for the good quality and cheap price. These factories got their first fortune. And then, they are able to buy more professional machines and better materials to produce better shoes. In 2010, lots of factories are able to produce 1:1 shoes as the official ones, which made this place more and more famous and popular in China and eve the world.

What about the UA sneakers we make in 2020?

When it comes to 2020, there are so many professional factories there producing awesome shoes day and night. They use professional machines, original materials, skilled workers as the factories of Nike and Adidas to produce the same shoes but more reasonable price.

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